Rang Barse 2013!

Country Club India ltd. takes immense pride in being a global clubbing company deeply soaked in true Indian fabric. We stand firm and strong as a pure family clubbing experience representing and snowballing the whole of our marvellous Indian culture into one. Be it Dussehra or Diwali, Christmas or Eid, Baisakhi or New Year, we aim to spread a smile across our every member’s face all across the globe.

Keeping at par with this ongoing tradition, CCIL spread cheer and vibrancy in the air making elaborate arrangements for its event RANG BARSE on the colorful occasion of Holi in all its properties across the country. Accompanied by DJ music, raindance and the resplendent hues of gulal, the setting was perfect for this marvellous spring festival to kick into high gear.

Rang Barse Country Club Ahmedabad1Rang Barse Country Club Ahmedabad2Rang Barse Country Club Ahmedabad3Rang Barse Country Club Ahmedabad4Rang Barse Country Club Ahmedabad5Rang Barse Country Club Delhi2Rang Barse Country Club Delhi5Rang Barse Country Club Delhi7


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