Country Club Delhi/NCR has under gone a complete make over

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Country Club DelhiNCR has undergone a complete makeover. We innovate, renovate and try our best to offer you the best! 

We doubled the size of the Fitness center and have already got really good response. We added three F&B outlets – Bistro, Brew and Spice. "The Brew" is an outdoor Fusion restraunt, a place to relax and unwind with your friends and family. Check out the refurbished state of art , the fitness centre its all prepped up with new equipment and a peppy fun ambiance.We have recreated the restaurant to ensure you have a wonderful and pleasant time with your friends and family.

The banquet hall has now been renovated with a royal touch and now called " The Grand Ball room". Members can contact the club on to 78400-83121 to know more.

Visit Country Club Delhi and enjoy the all new swanky look of Country Club!   



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