Awards for our service in hospitality industry

'The Association of Catering Professionals (ACP)'  honoured Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Ltd. with 5 Awards for our immense service in hospitality industry.

The Association of Catering Professionals (ACP) was established in the year 1990 and has members consisting of professionals from Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Resorts, Industrial Canteens and Institutional Catering, Principals, Head of the Departments, Faculty, and Students from the Hotel Management Colleges. We feel privileged to receive these awards from Navin Mittal, the Secretary Finance, Commissioner and Secretary, I and PR Govt. of Telangana. 

As quoted by Mr. Shanmugam, President, ACP "It’s been 26 years ever since the association of Country Club with the Association of Catering Professionals. The support of Country Club was immense throughout this journey. And now ACP has the PAN India presence!"

The ACP Awards List:

1. Best Boutique Hotel – Amrutha Castle

2. Largest Event Management Company – Country Club

3. Largest Fitness Brand in India – Country Club Fitness

4. Most Tech-Savvy Brand – Country Club

5. Best Global Brand in Holidays – Country Club/Country Vacations

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