15 Minutes with Rajeev Reddy

Check out the open interview with CMD CCIL Mr.Rajeev Reddy in Masala Magazine, Dubai


8 thoughts on “15 Minutes with Rajeev Reddy

  1. vijayabhaskarreddy G

    First I don’t No how to use these. Services, now I understand. Now we r very happy to say ,country club. Services.
    I like very much country club.
    I believed strongly about country club
    There is no words to say , country club is relatable,flexible, to the members.
    Realy we r happy to tell my people .
    Spl thanks for. Mr. Rajeevreddy ,
    CMD CCIL. Country club

  2. admin Post author

    Dear Sandeep,
    We’re truly sorry to hear so. Could you please share your membership no.as well so that we may look into the matter ASAP? Thanks!

  3. Joseph

    I promote country club even today and am using the club services from 2006(BLMPLP-1013A).
    I pay my yearly maintenance also from time to time.It is a good family club and we always felt at home whenever we visited any clubs in India inspite of my card stating 6 clubs access etc. and ofocourse Yehlanka club is 100% the best in Bangalore.
    But 1 incident made me rethink if we can trust your clubs going forward.
    During last days of Dussera 2014, we had been to mysore for dassera visit and visited bandipur safari and thought to visit your club at bandipur for some food as my kids were hungry and anyway I am atleast a member of CC if not CC bandipur.I called the reception and verified if we could visit and the answer was of of course yes.But to my shock when we reached the gates of the club the security man did not allow us to enter the resort and not even allowed me to speak to the manager for first 15-20mins. Later after arguing I was asked to call the manager from the gates only to be told that we cannot enter the resort.I then had to repeatedly request ed the manager that I have with me, my wife and 2 kids(3 & 4 yrs) and also another couple who could also be a future member of your clubs and this way of treating us waiting at the gates and talking is not giving a good picture of your club services for the family.
    Ofcourse I was finally allowed and then we ordered few snacks and tea/coffee and spent sometime which obviously good.
    Request is
    action and training for the manager to use discretion while taking decisions on the spot in such situations
    Allow atleast CC members to enter resorts to use restaurant or rest rooms in far off places/jungles etc.

  4. Dr Pinkesh Kumar Verma

    Membership no – CCDL12V10LBU134
    Pinkesh K.Verma From Chandigarh

    No body is listening to us

    Please book the following Dates

    Check in date:-Monday 28th Dec 2015

    Check out date:- Friday !st Jan 2016

    4 nights


    Kids:- 2 with 1 extra bed

    Location:- Country club Jade resorts ECR CHENNAI


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